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The unique construction, open architecture without corner posts, enables the quick removal of all panels/doors to completely expose the open frame for installation of cables and/or equipment. Far neater, faster and user-friendly cable installations are possible compared with conventional cabinets. The resultant installation is much easier to maintain with ready access to equipment and patch panels and the avoidance of messy, haphazard cabling arrangements.
The elimination of corner posts also removes the need to excessively inset 19" mounting angles, achieving maximum equipment and working space.
A - Glazed door

- quality,toughened smoked glass(grey)
- ventilated trims assist thermal management
- hinge left or right
- quick release, removable
- key lockable security

NB. If required, glass doors can be fitted with an unobtrusive,self adhesive 'earthing strip',fixed to internal face at base of glass door to maintain complete earthing continuity.Please specify with your cabinet order (extra cost).

B - Plain steel door

- quick release, removable
- key lockable security

NB. Part or fully vented options available to order.


C - Corner Mouldings

- quality,blue feature mouldings

D - Twin side panels(2 pairs)

- split depth (space saving)
- pivots left/right or easily removed
- internal,quick release latches
- lightweight, easily manceuvrable
- hi-security

E - Central Support

- quality extrusion, painted blue

F - Top panels

- plain (1 off each model)
- vented (1 off each model)
- infill (875D model only)

Removal of top panels creates a totally open cable access area
(base area remains open as standard).

G - Plinth Kit

- optional accessory; used with castors and/ or
@jacking feet

Earthing points

- earthing points are provided throughout
@cabinet system.

The Access cabinet open frame structure provides virtually 360 degree total accessibility piror to fitting panels and doors which gives installers maximum working access and opportunity to greatly improve installation times.

- no corner posts
- unrivalled working access
- perfect cabling facilities
- unrestricted top/base cable entry

Cabinet Standard configuration:

includes 19" mounting angles (4). Plinth (with castors/jacking feet) is an optional accessory.
19" Mounting Angles (optional)
- front to rear adjustment
@Easily repositioned - even with heavy
@equipment mounted.

- lateral adjustment
@(800W model only)

@Full width positioning of 19" vertical mounting angles in 800W models to accept full width shelves is achieved by removing 'lateral support and adjustment channel' and fixing 19" mounting angles to 'front to rear mounting adjustment strips'.

Baying Access cabinets dramatically demonstrates the design benefits of not having corner posts or front to rear members, with patching/cable runs able ro freely pass, uninterrupted, from one cabinet to the next impossible with conventional designs.

- uninterrupted lateral cable runs, unique to

- side panel removal does not change overall
@foot print

- side panels need not be removed, when

- fast coupling system