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Ultima 600 Series

It's a Multi-Purpose Heavy-Duty Cabinets and common series that suitable various corporation to use.
2,450KB,8pages (Color version)
1,538KB,8pages (Block & White version)
Access Series

It provides unique features to benefit system designers,installers and network managers.
Multi-Server Cabinet Series

It has 930mm Deep and co-operates with *Compag, *IBM, *HP, *SUN, *DELL, *INTEL, Rack Mount Type Serve.
WQ Hong Kong LTD.

We have a policy of continuous improvement at all levels within the company.
Ultima 800 Series

To make our customer's job easier we offer a pre-configured rack which offers the most commonly required assemblies under a ssingle order number.
2,450KB,8pages (Color version)
1,538KB,8pages (Block & White version)
Ultima " E Class "

It is particularly suitable for use in the motor control and industrrial automation industries.
Wall Mount Rack

It is a new generation of 19" wall boxes specifically designed for data cabling application.